My mission, quite simply, is to help guide you on your Pathway to Spiritual Rebirth and Life Fulfillment.

Spiritual Renewal
by Jo Ann Kelly
There is a time in all our lives
When we must let God make all things new.
We must let the Lord examine our hearts
To see if all things be holy and true.

Jesus will renew us daily,
As we seek to grow in grace.
Our sins have been cast aside and weights
Which beset us in life’s earthly race.

If there is a root of bitterness,
It must be plucked out.
God will remove all strife.
He will take away fear and doubt.

Spiritual renewal is a blessing
Which comes only from our Lord.
We have been given abundant grace
And God’s Word as our spiritual sword.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal
But mighty, as strongholds are torn down.
When we abide in Christ, the Vine,
We find spiritual renewal can always be found.

Blessings In Christ

© 2005 by Jo Ann Kelly