Mountain Monday


There are times and seasons in our lives where we, unbeknownst to ourselves, remove our focus from our Creator and start focusing on those things and people that are not godly or maybe I should say it more directly that they are not GOD. We MUST resist the practice of IDOLATRY…false GODs.  

We all have a tendency to do it. We may substitute our finances, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, family, possessions, jobs, or our mates for GOD. We do it by taking our focus off of GOD and placing it on those other matters, which become our idols. What I am, essentially, saying is that we make those things bigger than our GOD. Which falls under the strongholds of idolatry.

I know for me, there may be the opportunity to constantly remind someone what they should be doing, how they should be doing something, or what they’re not doing. But, truth be told, I have to fall back and stay in my lane.  Matthew 7:5  “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

My focus has to be on those things that are Heavenly. If I seek first the Kingdom of God, then all things will be given to me.

In the last few months, I have been undergoing some significant changes in my life. Somewhat of a Spiritual growth spurt. I recognize that there is a lot of work to be done, but I can’t do it, if my focus isn’t re-directed on Him, Who has called me. I have been trying to take others with me, but I now understand that what GOD has for me, He has for me. I have to stop walking in fear of the unknown. I know where my strength lies, and that is in Christ. With the knowledge of this, I must move by faith that my steps have already been established.

This is not to say, that He won’t use others along the way, I’m just saying that I can’t get stagnant waiting for others to move with me or validate what I’m supposed to do. Especially when I’m not doing it for them but for Him.

I have allowed others to impact my moves in such a way that I have made their interests first place in my life. [IDOLS] Consequently, losing sight of the work I am supposed to be doing in my life. So today, publicly, I re-dedicate my life to You, Father. You put a work in my heart and I must forge ahead to glorify You, and if no one supports me nor gives me the time of day, I know that I must still do the work of Him who sent me while it is still day because when the night time comes no one can work.

My Father, I acknowledge that You are the Lord Almighty. You are the first and You are the last, and apart from You there is no other God. Make me witness to the fact that there is no other Rock but You. Enable me to say with full assurance, “I know not one.”

I do pray that you have been blessed by this Mountain Monday message and it will demonstrate that we all find ourselves having to be re-directed to our Pathway to Spiritual Rebirth. I love you but God loves you best.


About Candace Frazer

Candace Frazer is a Certified Personal Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. She is presently attending the Ohio Christian University, pursuing a second Master's degree in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counselling. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, with a Dual Master's Degree in Special/General Education, and a Minor in Gifted Education. She taught Adult Education at Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY. Presently, she is an Associate Minister at Pleasant Hill Church in Roswell, GA, flourishing in the Word of GOD and Surrendering to His will for her life.

2 thoughts on “Mountain Monday

  1. I have often spoken anout idolatry
    Talked about the things I wouldn’t do because of idolatry but the enemy is sneaky because I now see that just in everyday life I am practicing idolatry. I recognize that I must be forever mindful of my thought actions and deeds that I don’t fall into that trap. Thank you for sharing the wisdom.


    1. Yesss!!! The enemy is very crafty in trying to get us to believe that our actions are appropriate, “Surely, you will not…” Didn’t he do the same thing in deceiving Eve? It’s so easy for us to fall into that trap. We do it often, particularly, when it comes to everyday life, such as dealing with bills. We become overwhelmed by them trying to figure out how we’re going to pay them. Rather than focusing on He, who is omnipotent. You see, I’ve had to surrender ALL to Him trusting that He is the Author and Finisher of my Faith. So, Selina, you continue to be Christ-minded in all areas of your life. I thank you for your continued support.


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