Role Models

We meet people everyday, who unbeknownst to themselves makes a huge impact on our lives. It may be as subtle as offering us a good word, a smile, a simple touch. These people I consider to be Angels sent from above. They are there to give us exactly what we need at the time they’re needed most.

Today was just that day for me. My son’s Assistant Principal was that Angel for me. It wasn’t anything that anyone would consider grand, but for me, his words spoke volumes. It’s so easy to give up on kids and usher them through, but the commitment he made to my son, goes above and beyond his call of duty. This man, from the first day of school has always been a source of inspiration for my boy, particularlly, at an age where they feel like no one understands them. Thirteen is a tough age for most kids, especially kids who are 6 feet tall. They are on a cusp, as they are, in many ways, still child-like, but then they have moments when they know everything about everything, and you can’t tell them ANYTHING!! HEAVENS TO MURGATROYD!!! They make you want to…-okay let me breathe-…but, you ‘gotta’ love them.

People tend to look at them and see them as being older than they really are, but they’re really just trying to find themselves, where they belong. I remember what it was like being 13, my goodness, do I remember. I would not want to go back there for anything in this world. So, I try to put myself in his shoes, although, I could never understand what it’s like to be a 13 year old young man of color.

He was blessed to have some great teachers, who have inspired him to be a better man. For instance, his 5th grade teacher, Mr. Alim. Mr. Alim worked to instill in all of his male students, the benefits of being a man of honor. The importance of keeping your word and being trustworthy. The effects of teachers like Mr. Alim are lasting. He was also my oldest son’s 4th grade teacher, and he has consistently been an awesome teacher throughout the years.

I often hear people talking about a teacher they can remember from the 3rd grade and 4th, and 5th, and I am really blown away by it, because my memories are very limited. Maybe it’s because they never truly impacted my life. Wow!! What are the odds of someone going through 12 years of school and only remembering at best, 10 teachers.

For this reason, I had decided upon becoming a teacher whose impact on her students would be lasting. To this day, I remain in contact with the majority of my students from the community college where I taught. I was there to teach them, but I, too, learned so much from all of them, and for that, I am truly grateful.

I would like to thank all of the teachers who are winding up this school year for their students with lasting memories. It is my prayer that those memories are ones to which you can be proud and not ones that would place you in the Hall of Shame. As teachers, you can be the powerful role models for which our kids can look up to, rather than those who are beyond their reach like the ones they see on the Silver Screen, sports figures, and the ones they listen to on the radios.

Let’s not forget that we’re all on a Pathway to Spiritual Rebirth, but we have to decide which road we will travel to acquire such.


About Candace Frazer

Candace Frazer is a Certified Personal Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. She is presently attending the Ohio Christian University, pursuing a second Master's degree in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counselling. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, with a Dual Master's Degree in Special/General Education, and a Minor in Gifted Education. She taught Adult Education at Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY. Presently, she is an Associate Minister at Pleasant Hill Church in Roswell, GA, flourishing in the Word of GOD and Surrendering to His will for her life.

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