Wisdom Wednesday

Are you living with broken chains?

Have you noticed that there is so much anger in the world? If you watch television there’s murder, kidnapping, and sex. And, if you haven’t noticed the reality shows there’s yelling, screaming, and fighting; why? Because the chain has been broken, some may call it disconnects, spiritual soul ties, or even generational curse. It has get worse every day and there’s no control. How did it get like this? PAIN!!!

God gives us the choice to be cursed or blessed. In Deuteronomy 11:26 NIV says, “Today I am giving you the choice between a blessing and a curse!” The key word is CHOICE! Families chose to keep the secrets; did yours?

What could be considered broken chain(s) or curse(s):
• Feeling lonely
• Parentless
• Lust/Promiscuity
• Divorce
• Over eating (obesity)
• Unworthiness
• Hatred
• Gossip
• Mental acrobats
• Rape
The list can go on and on.

We have to wonder where and why it started. We might ask ourselves how come we didn’t see it with our parents or grandparents generation. We didn’t see it because they were in bondage and they were scared to say anything, so the chain stayed broken and was handed down to the next generation. The only problem is that the chain stayed broken because of the lies, shame, guilt, non-communication, and the willingness to forgive.

The only way to mend the chain is to want to be healed. Wonder how to do that? Ask for forgiveness, not for you but for the generation before you. Then pray!  Ask for help to purge (to clear of something unwanted or purify) these curses and that God be our Rock, that will lead you to a Pathway of Spiritual Rebirth.

Pray this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you today asking for strength and guidance to be able to forgive and break generational curses and being able to mend the broken chain(s). Father, I know there are things that I need to work on that were handed down to me, but I pray that I don’t hand them down to the next generation. Allow me to heal and help heal those in my family that need heal too. I pray that all negative soul ties will bond and never be broken again. Allow me to feel your love and peace all round me and my family; that we may become closer to you.

All these things we ask in your name. Amen

Alinda Miller


About Alinda M.

Alinda Miller is a Minister and member of Triumph Church under the direction of Pastor Solomon Kinloch, Jr. Alinda always knew there was a calling on her life and began walking toward that calling at a very young age. She love‘s serving and working in the church. She has served God and the body of Christ in several leadership capacities. She has worked in education, real estate, and currently in human resources. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Central State University and a Master’s Degree from Marygrove College. She currently attends Geraldine Marvell Miller Wright Institute for Women in Ministry. She prides herself in using the gifts that were given to her and using them to bless others. With the journey that she’s on, she’s looking forward to seeing what God has in store for her. Alinda is the mother to one son.

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