Freedom Fridays

Most people will say TGIF…”Thank God it’s Friday!” But, I say, “Thank God I’m free!” Free from the burden of not knowing my purpose in life. For those trying to figure out their God-given purpose, it can prove to be a very daunting process, especially if you’re trying to go it alone. Having to ask the right questions and to delve deep inside for the answers is one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever had to face. “What do I love to do?,” “What am I good at?,” “What is important or essential to me for my life to be complete? or “What was I born to do or feel I ought to be doing?”

Brainstorming for seven responses to each of the questions was pretty simple for the first two of the questions. However, when you are trying to figure out what is important or essential for your life to be complete, or what you were born or ought to be doing; that, my friend, proved to be one of the hardest conversations I’ve had to have with myself.

The first thing I had to realize without a doubt was my worthiness to do All things through Him who gives me my strength. Once I was able to shed the weight of shame, it became easier and easier to start to realize my worthiness, not just for myself, but the value that I could actually give to the lives of others. Wow!! Imagine that, I could, actually, make a real difference in the lives of others.

When you start to realize that self-worth, you can then walk with a new stride, head held up high and with an air of confidence. The transformation has begun, you become a new creature, a new spouse/significant other, mom/dad, sibling, employee/employer, a new child of the Most High. You are now free from the captivity of shame, unworthiness, self-pity, self-defeat, self-mutilation, abusive relationships, and/or whatever else may be keeping you in bondage. Just know that you no longer have to live in that place anymore.

Now, you can do the work at finding your true purpose in life, because you are not burdened with self-doubt. Where will this journey take you? For me, it brought me into the work of Life Coaching and pursuing my calling to the LORD. I’m not saying that my Pathway to Spiritual Rebirth will be your path, or a calling to serve in the Ministry, however, each and every one of us, has an impact to make on this world, so why not take that step today toward your Pathway to Spiritual Rebirth.


About Candace Frazer

Candace Frazer is a Certified Personal Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. She is presently attending the Ohio Christian University, pursuing a second Master's degree in Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Care and Counselling. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY, with a Dual Master's Degree in Special/General Education, and a Minor in Gifted Education. She taught Adult Education at Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY. Presently, she is an Associate Minister at Pleasant Hill Church in Roswell, GA, flourishing in the Word of GOD and Surrendering to His will for her life.

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