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                Enthusiasm for parts
                As technology continues to promote the progress of the world, SEAGULL is also working unremittingly to develop and improve advanced technology. These products and providing comprehensive training courses to bring everything needed to enable you to maximize the improvement of the equipment performance, reduce the expensive downtime, improve investment return rate, strengthen workplace safety and improve the performance of operators.
                SHANDONG SEAGULL CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO., LTD (SEAGULL for short) is a leading supplier of high-quality construction machinery spare parts and service solutions for mining, construction, infrastructure and other industries. The headquarter is located in Jining, Shandong- the birthplace of Confucian culture. SEAGULL introduced advanced management mode from Caterpillar Inc. and also adopts the Lean production from Komatsu. Relying on Shantui’s abundant products supplying system, our business has reached to North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and the Middle East market. SEAGULL has always been focusing on technological innovation and sustainable development, and our R & D capability, manufacturing ability and product quality are all at the top level in the worldwide. SEAGULL brand products include wear-resistant parts, undercarriage parts, standard parts, structural parts and engine parts etc., mainly applied in construction machinery, mining machinery, and agricultural machinery.

                Service hotline
                Add: 17th floor Wanlifude building high-tech district jining city
                Zip code:272000
                E-mail: info@seagullsgroup.com
                2018 ShanDong Seagull Construction Machinery CO., LTD